The Baird Family of Peterhead     
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Members of the Baird family have resided in Peterhead, a coastal town in Aberdeenshire, since the beginning of the nineteenth century, having moved from the parish of Tyrie.
My father, Robert Allan Baird (Allan being his mother's maiden name) was born at Keith Street on an area known to the locals as the Queenie.
His mother Janet Baird Allan was related to the Baird family on her mother's side and inherited a house in North Street from a Baird relative.  North Street was very much a Baird enclave, housing a number of families.
Janet's husband, William Baird, operated a fish curing yard - William Baird and Sons - in North Street until his death in 1941. 
I was born in Stuartfield, a village to the west of Peterhead in 1949.  My family emigrated to Australia in 1957.
I have been researching the Baird family for a number of years now and have accumulated a vast amount of information that I am happy to share with anyone who is interested.
This site is still under construction and will continue to have material added to it.
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